Flutter: Men on Tinder: Dating Conundrum

Continuing on the Tinder theme from last week’s episode, we break down Lane Moore’s Guardian article, “What I’ve learned about men from from countless hours of Tinder”.

Moral to the Story: Think of dating as the cute, yet uncomfortable shoes you have to wear to find love.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Dudes will never reach out to you quickly…EVER.
  • Different strokes for different folks.
  • Mallory admits to hating dudes right now.

Episode 11: How to Become a Vagilante

For their very first Halloween episode, Tamu and Mallory decided to watch two seemingly different, yet similar movies; 2007s Teeth and 1987s Fatal Attraction.

Moral to the Story: Maybe keep your dick inside of yourself.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • A lot of time was devoted to determine where the teeth are located.
  • Vagina Dentata
  • Marriage masturbation fantasy.
  • Toby is a fuck boy.
  • Masturbation would have solved a lot in Teeth.
  • Used sheets in a cave in a big “NO”.
  • The dog eats a peen.
  • What if Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction had vagina dentata?
  • Poor dog. Poor rabbit. Oh well Glenn Close.
  • Women are ALWAYS the unhinged ones in these movies.
  • Dan is also a fuck boy.
  • Tamu wishes she had teeth in her vagina.
  • Mallory would take having teeth in her vagina too far.
  • Mallory Googles vagina dentata.
  • Garfunkel & Oates’  Fuck me in the ass because I love Jesus
  • Mallory ruins Moana for herself.
  • Bad@Love unanimously voted for divorcing Michael Douglas.


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Flutter: Bad@Love’s 1st Annual “Scary” Spooktacular Moments in Dating

Tuck in because these are truly scary and uncomfortable moments shared by fantastically brave individuals.

Moral to the Story: Dating shouldn’t be scary for any of us. Once again, let’s be respectful of our choice to say, “No” and move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

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