Episode 26: Bad@Love and St. Paul Filmcast Watch “The Heiress”

We attempt to put on our film critics caps and watch the 1949 classic, “The Heiress” with actual film buff, Nick from St. Paul Filmcast.

Movie Moral to the Story: Based on this movie and countless other movies, it is easier to love a pretty person than and ugly person.

Our Moral to the Story: Awkward can be beautiful.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Get to Know Us: What moving setting would we live in?
  • Nick would definitely not live in the DC Universe. He might choose living in Middle Earth but we are all unclear as to whether they have indoor plumbing.
  • Aragorn is like 150!
  • More on Lord of the Rings: Mallory lost most her Elvish language skills. I guess it is true if you don’t use it, you lose it.
  • Tamu said she would live in a Nora Ephron movie, but really she meant Nancy Meyers. Who wouldn’t want to live in Meryl Streep’s “It’s Complicated” house?
  • Mallory would live in a musical.
  • None of us opted for living in a period piece or the Marvel Universe. Well, maybe Wakanda.
  • Tamu notices Montgomery Clift’s bumper curls.
  • Catherine’s dad was a really good doctor and gave himself a spot on diagnosis and prognosis with just a stethoscope!
  • Olivia de Havilland and her sister Joan Fontaine had a wicked sibling rivalry.
  • Move over Spinster, there’s a new word in town: Thornback – an unmarried woman over age 26.
  • Nick actually READ Game of Thrones.
  • Nick explains the tricks of back and white movies.
  • Turns out Mallory has an ally in the Love Actually debate. Too bad Nick missed that episode.
  • Morris’ unromantic song, “Plaisir d’amour. Lyrics are: The joy of love lasts but a moment. The pain of love lasts all the life long. SWOON!
  • Copyright Infringement: Elvis probs stole the melody of “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” from that awesome French “love” song.
  • #WePodcastLikeThis: It was late, but we remembered.

Podcast Shout Out:

Nick Palodichuk is not just a knowledgeable film dude, lover of comics, and podcast host. He is also a talent artist! Check out his graphic novel, The Green Way – Vol. 1. Volumes 2 and 3 will be out in the fall.

Flutter: I’ll Be There for You, ‘Cause You’re There for Me Too

New season. New Flutters. This week, we are shouting out our expanding podcast community! Please show these amazing podcasts love by liking, rating, reviewing and sharing them.

Moral to the Story: We would be nowhere without the support of our podcast family!

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • These lovely Twitter groups have restored Mallory’s faith in social media…at least in Twitter.

Listen to our Pod Friends:

Season 2 – Ep. 1: “It’s been an honor and a privilege”

We are back for Season 2! And, it is our 1 year Podiversary! Thank you to all of you for listening and supporting us. We are so excited to start this new year with more romance-related shenanigans!

To kick it off, we decided to watch a movie that is beloved by many–just not us, James Cameron’s 1997 epic, “Titanic“. Take your Dramamine and get your floaties on and enjoy this amazing discussion of this watery love story. Did we mention, we only watched the last half of the movie?

Moral to the Story: White, heterosexual love survives.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Catching up on life after three months on break. Basically, winter sucks, work sucks.
  • Mallory was 10 years-old when she first saw Titanic and Kate Winslet was the first movie nudity she ever saw.
  • We both really hate this movie.
  • Mallory wanted to make sure we watched exactly half of this movie. We started at 1:36:01
  • Jack and Rose’s love caused the Titanic to hit the iceberg.
  • The reason for lack of diversity on the Titanic was slavery.
  • Mallory agrees with Roxane Gay: “It’s fucking bullshit that Jack dies. There is plenty of room on that door. I am going to bed.”
  • Mallory thought it would be a better use of time to build your own raft out of doors instead of running around.
  • Tamu’s Lesson Learned: Drink & be on the top deck.
  • Knowledge Check: learn about the systems that have led to financial inequality, and the current concentration of wealth and power. Watch or read Requiem for the American Dream
  • Every Rose and Jack scenario would end in Jack being dead EXCEPT for the one with the door.
  • How many life jackets did Rose get then leave?
  • Our favorite part of the movie is the quartet playing “Nearer my God to Thee.”
  • Love creates catastrophe.
  • They both really could have shared that door.
  • Jack’s thoughts as he freezes to death, “Me winning that ticket was the best thing that ever happened to me…not…glug…glug…glug.”
  • Remember “The Phantom“?
  • Class distinction hasn’t changed.
  • Bad at Love Theory: Jack would have lived if not for trying to save Rose.

Podcast Shout Outs: