Flutter: What We’ve Learned About Love

It has been a year since the ladies of Bad at Love Podcast started their quest to bust down the myth of the fairytale and perhaps become better people in the process. So, where are they now?

Moral to the Story: We deserve respect and to have people in our lives who make us better.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Mallory is less angry than she was a year ago and has learned she can walk away from an ignorant comment or stupid conversation.
  • Tamu is working on being fine with being alone. Crime shows and documentaries makes her feel more OK about being single cause “bitches be crazy”.
  • Mallory is content with her situation and doesn’t feel the need to go online dating.
  • Tamu feels dating is a lot of work.
  • The Oxygen show “Snapped” should be re-titled, “Snapped: Love Can Go So Awry.”
  • Both ladies feel like finding a special someone with useful skill sets in home and auto repair would be amazing.
  • Next steps: slather on some copulance and head to Home Depot for a handy man or O’Reilly’s Auto Parts for a mechanic.

Flutter: So Love Really isn’t a Fairytale?

What a fitting end to this, sparkling first season of Bad at Love Podcast. Mallory and Tamu discuss an interview Keira Knightley had with Ellen where she talked about banning her three-year-old daughter from watching Disney movies like The Little Mermaid.

Moral to the Story: No matter how problematic the subject, it can be viewed and discussed in order to better understand it rather than banning it. 

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Mallory thinks it is inevitable that kids will end up watching banned Disney movies, etc.
  • Check out the book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter.
  • Even if situations in pop culture are problematic, they can be explained. Tell kids the truth, make it a discussion.
  • The happily ever after fairytale myth is ingrained in us; starts with Disney and ends with Hallmark/Lifetime.


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