Flutter: Jim & Ben – An Airing of Grievances

It is a Festivus for the rest of us in July! Our beloved superfan Jim (a.k.a Tamu’s gusband) and his boyfriend Ben (a.k.a., Tamu’s gusband-in-law) stop by for a visit. Jim has been a supporter and silent (but not really) show adviser since our Trashy Book Nook days. Since he sends Tamu opinion texts while listening to each episode, it was decided to give him the mic to air his grievances. ENJOY!

Moral to the Story: Love your friends, even if they think Molly Ringwald’s Pretty in Pink  dress was a fashion sensation.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

Mallory’s dad made a good camouflage dress.

The time Prince gave Jim his guitar at a concert.

Molly Ringwald is NOT a fashion designer.

An exploration into all of the reality TV Tamu watches.

Staircase Prep 101: Write a journal with all of your secrets just in case an owl attacks.


Episode 6.2: Mallory, The Bachelorette Cynic

In the exciting second part of this thrilling episode, Mallory continues to watch the contesticles get out of cars and drink, and dunk basketballs, and critique each other’s clothes in the name of “love”.

Moral to the Story: Be honest because telling people in advance you have warrants, are a homophobe, a racist, a virgin, or, a persistent gentleman will surely still get you on a romance reality competition show.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Mallory had REAL issues with Jake from Minneapolis.
  • What is your patronus? The new pick up line for the zillennials? Perennials? Whatever the new millennials are called.
  • Shout out to Shoulda Swiped Left Podcast for keeping it real about the dating world.


Episode 6.1: Mallory The Cynical Bachelorette

Welcome to Bad at Love’s version of Mystery Science Theater 3000. This time, Tamu introduces Mallory to The Bachelorette, or as she calls it, “I like you. Don’t like you. Go away. You can stay.” We are sort of timely because the show is actually still on, however, this is episode one and the show is seven weeks in!

Moral to the Story: Sage your vag for a fresh start.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • The introduction of the “Pensive Gentleman” who will forever be known as “Persistent Gentleman”.
  • One of these dudes is a life collector of accoutrements.
  • Man buns…pass
  • Mallory loves the Harlem Globetrotters.
  • There is new job title called “Social Media Participant” which we can all add to our resumes!