Flutter: Jim & Ben – An Airing of Grievances

It is a Festivus for the rest of us in July! Our beloved superfan Jim (a.k.a Tamu’s gusband) and his boyfriend Ben (a.k.a., Tamu’s gusband-in-law) stop by for a visit. Jim has been a supporter and silent (but not really) show adviser since our Trashy Book Nook days. Since he sends Tamu opinion texts while listening to each episode, it was decided to give him the mic to air his grievances. ENJOY!

Moral to the Story: Love your friends, even if they think Molly Ringwald’s Pretty in Pink  dress was a fashion sensation.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

Mallory’s dad made a good camouflage dress.

The time Prince gave Jim his guitar at a concert.

Molly Ringwald is NOT a fashion designer.

An exploration into all of the reality TV Tamu watches.

Staircase Prep 101: Write a journal with all of your secrets just in case an owl attacks.


Is Prom Important? Thoughts by Mallory.

I tried looking up the history of prom this week. There were articles from Bustle, Time, and the all-time lazy favorite, Wikipedia.

I was genuinely curious about why these things have been going on for so long, why there is still pressure on teenagers for them, and what the patriarchy had to do with it (a constant question, honestly).

It was sort of what I expected. Back in the day (the technical term), there were grand balls for ladies where they’d be brought out officially into public, essentially a time that would declare that this woman was now available to charm into marrying. Since balls didn’t stick around forever, and public schools were The Thing, to me it made sense that they continued to use the same sort of idea, but for everyone to play pretend that they were adults because, hey, you dress up nice, maybe have a fancy dinner, have a nice car…

But the proms, from what I’ve read, went from simply wearing your Sunday Best to rather extravagant extremes. While Tamu and I paid small amounts to look great, and may have had those around us create their own dresses/tuxes, the typical high schools that my friends went to? Some people were spending $500 on a dress!

And that’s where I ask the question: Is a prom so important to spend such a fortune?

I can see it from both points. This is a day for most teenagers that is a passage of going into adulthood. It should be enjoyed, celebrated, and, quite frankly, can be quite the ego boost when you’ve bought your clothes and are surrounded by the fancy attire. Although Tamu and I didn’t have Prom King/Queen, that’s probably fun, too. Everyone voting democratically for a monarchy. Plus, tradition. It’s been going on for so many years, it’s a notable event in every single novel/movie/television show that depicts high school students. And it’s a popular enough tradition that it’s basically world-wide.

However, it is also…just one night that, while I personally remember it being fun, it wasn’t the highlight of my youth. It isn’t in the top ten moments of my life. And I cannot imagine spending so much money on something before starting college–nothing like starting out in debt to more debt (although, maybe people would argue that’s just America. *bah-dum-dum tishhhh*). I guess my main point here would be that if I hadn’t gone to prom, I don’t think my life would have changed significantly.

And yet… I guess I’m still in favor of prom when it comes down to it. I have seen some really amazing things come out of this tradition, mostly as it becomes less traditional. For instance, prom is also considered a time to show off yourself with your couple. While this can be too much pressure for those of us without a partner, many LGBTQ teenagers are going with their partners.

In the end, the importance of prom is what you make it, I suppose. Tamu and I had a great time with friends, dancing and laughing. I have heard stories of terrible proms and fantastic proms. I know people who married the person they went to prom with. If you didn’t go, it probably didn’t change your life for the worse. And if you did? You’ve got a memory long faded that will emerge once again at your 10/20/30 year reunion, complete with photos you’d probably well forget anyway.

What about your prom? Let us know if you had a Pretty in Pink situation, or if you forewent the event to watching a film instead.

No, Blaine. What About Prom?!

Just in time for prom season! Mallory and Tamu revisit their prom(s) in this week’s flutter.

Tamu only had one prom in comparison to Mallory’s multiple proms. Tamu’s prom date was supposed to be her extremely handsome German cousin but he cancelled due to girlfriend issues back home. We look at Tamu’s giant red, preferida (preferred one) photo album from her last year of high school.

We learn the origins Tamu’s first boyfriend, Phil who was at her prom but their paths didn’t cross until a year later.

Mallory’s prom was not “Prom,” but a “Gala” because artists needed a different 4-letter word to describe their dance. Mallory’s dad made both of her dresses; a blue camo, floor-length number for the junior “gala”, and a renaissance dress for the senior “gala”.

Tamu’s senior prom theme was: Save the Best For Last (yes, after Vanessa Williams’ hit ballad)

Mallory’s junior “gala” theme was:  The Game of Life (yes, like the board game)

Mallory’s senior “gala” theme was: Masquerade (because most proms, oops, “galas” have that theme)

They also examine the struggles of not having a boyfriend for prom. For these two, it seems that prom was the beginning of their non-traditional lifestyles. 

Moral to the story: Going to prom solo is okay.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Lady Bird is Real Women Have Curves for white people.
  • The lack of boyfriends for both Mallory and Tamu throughout high school.
  • The history of stereotypical foods.
  • Pressure of being a teen.
  • A camouflage dress might not get you on the best dressed list.

Apologies: We were REALLY loving pretzels during the recording of this episode. Grab some yourself and crunch along with us!


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Episode 3: I Choo-Choo-Choose You

In this week’s episode, Tamu & Mallory watch each other’s favorite teen movies, Ever After: A Cinderella Story and Pretty in Pink.

If you haven’t guessed, Ever After was Mallory’s jam back in the day; so much so, she wrote an essay about it in the 7th grade. She felt more closely aligned to the Cinderella character, however, much to her chagrin, Tamu found Mallory’s tendencies to be more Prince leaning…she was not pleased. Tamu was annoyed with the end of the movie because Game of Thrones training has taught her that you must kill your enemies so they don’t come back for revenge; yet, The Baroness lives.

Meanwhile, Mallory had some serious opinions about Tamu’s choice, Pretty in Pink; mainly that Molly Ringwald’s character settled.

Both ladies learn that prom is the most important event in the known universe.

Moral to the Story: A relationship doesn’t start in 5 days, it takes a least 6 or 7 days.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Tamu saw Black Panther
  • Yertle the Turtle
  • Sex and the City stole the shoe scene proposal from Ever After
  • Other 2000s movies Mallory needs to watch
  • Love Actually and Laura Linney’s choice
  • Mallory LOVES Pride and Prejudice 2005
  • Duties: sacrificing your wants/needs for others
  • 80s movies are problematic AF
  • Realistic stats about High School romance (it ain’t pretty)
  • Tamu equates relationships to Mary J. Blige’s song, Seven Days

Apologies: First there were sound issues. It will be better next time. Second, Tamu tries and fails doing an Australian accent…sorry, Australia.


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