Episode 20: Romantic Gestures are Creepy Unless You Like The Person

It all started with Offset trying to get Cardi B. back in December with his literal showstopping display of affections. We attempt to get down to the root cause of why Offset felt it was OK to do this by analyzing some of the most romantic gestury movies in pop culture.

Moral to the Story: To be a successful grand gesturer, you know your audience. Take some time to get to know people first.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Get to know us: We have never been romantic gestured or jestered.
  • Mallory has only ever received flowers on her 16th birthday…from her dad.
  • #WePodcastLikeThis: still a work in progress
  • Mallory meets a Lone Wolf.
  • Upside down world: What if Cardi B. interrupted Offset’s concert?
  • Enjoy Tamu’s movie reviews!
  • Mallory doesn’t know who Katherine Heigl is.
  • Tamu hates Ione Skye’s character in “Say Anything.” She did not deserve Lloyd.
  • What about the backfire?
  • Is there a grand gesture in every relationship?
  • Tamu’s Bridget Jones’s Diary and college grand gesture stories.
  • The best romantic gesture: a dildo
  • Mallory’s casino stalker who put gifts on her desk because pop culture made him think it was ok.
  • HIMYM would be a very different show to watch now.
  • Mallory feels Rachel & Joey could have been real if not for pop culture outrage.

Podcast Shout Outs:

Flutter: So Love Really isn’t a Fairytale?

What a fitting end to this, sparkling first season of Bad at Love Podcast. Mallory and Tamu discuss an interview Keira Knightley had with Ellen where she talked about banning her three-year-old daughter from watching Disney movies like The Little Mermaid.

Moral to the Story: No matter how problematic the subject, it can be viewed and discussed in order to better understand it rather than banning it. 

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Mallory thinks it is inevitable that kids will end up watching banned Disney movies, etc.
  • Check out the book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter.
  • Even if situations in pop culture are problematic, they can be explained. Tell kids the truth, make it a discussion.
  • The happily ever after fairytale myth is ingrained in us; starts with Disney and ends with Hallmark/Lifetime.


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