Episode 47: Sexy Beasts

We’re baaaaaaccccccckkk!

If anything could bring us out of the grimness that is 2021 and back to the mics, it has to be Netflix’s new “dating show”, “Sexy Beasts.” We watch all six episodes so you NEVER have to.

Moral to the Story: This is a Sophie’s Choice of dating for thin, fit, hot people. You may have chosen the hot Beaver, but what if the hot Manatee was even hotter?!

Besides trying to survive this hell scape, what have we been up to since September?

  • Mallory is becoming a gaming diva on Twitch. Help grow her community! Like, subscribe, watch, and share with your friends.
  • Tamu has a new podcast called, “When the Bill Comes Due” with her friend Aaron. Give it a listen! After you’ve listened to this episode!

Episode 46: Daily Mental Breakdowns

Let’s face it, it has been a pretty crap week for women. Mallory and Tamu talk about the travesty that was the indictment of the police officer who shot through Breonna Taylor’s walls, but not for shooting her. They also touch on a little tiny news story about women on the verge of losing all of their reproductive rights with the new conservative Supreme Court. No biggie, right?!

Moral to the Story: *sigh* History is repeating itself people, we have to come together and fight as one.

Flutter: Legolas Learns from his Past Mistakes…Without Mallory

Former love of Mallory’s life, Orlando Bloom is now betrothed to Katy Perry. Those two crazy kids have decided to the take the slow road to marriage by having a long engagement. We discuss whether this is just Hottie Bloom’s ploy to wait for Mallory to run into him at a “Con” and steal his heart or if he and Katy are just doing a super healthy thing by taking their time.

Moral to the Story: Getting married to fix an issue in a relationship won’t work.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Mallory learns about the movie, Black Rain with Michael Douglas. Tamu might be confusing the plot with the Law & Order episode with Laura Linney.
  • Tamu’s life with Mallory is like being with Encino Man.
  • Taking a long engagement is pretty healthy.
  • Katy Perry & T-Swift are friends again.
  • Tamu explains Celine Dion’s romance with her husband Renee.
  • Marriage being a legal contract takes the romance out of the construct.
  • 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.
  • Mallory devises a test for relationship longevity; if you can travel together, get married.
  • Welcome to our new superfan Jen!
  • Sorry, Jim.

Flutter: Always be Prepared to Cheat

This week we talk about cheating and what is means to each of us, respectively.

Moral to the Story: It is imperative to have open communication in a relationship.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Is the old adage, “Once a cheater, always a cheater” true?
  • Tamu questions her experience of cheating on White 1 (still getting the damn names confused!)
  • A chair falls in the middle of the episode!

Flutter: Men on Tinder: Dating Conundrum

Continuing on the Tinder theme from last week’s episode, we break down Lane Moore’s Guardian article, “What I’ve learned about men from from countless hours of Tinder”.

Moral to the Story: Think of dating as the cute, yet uncomfortable shoes you have to wear to find love.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Dudes will never reach out to you quickly…EVER.
  • Different strokes for different folks.
  • Mallory admits to hating dudes right now.

Flutter: I’ll Be There for You, ‘Cause You’re There for Me Too

New season. New Flutters. This week, we are shouting out our expanding podcast community! Please show these amazing podcasts love by liking, rating, reviewing and sharing them.

Moral to the Story: We would be nowhere without the support of our podcast family!

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • These lovely Twitter groups have restored Mallory’s faith in social media…at least in Twitter.

Listen to our Pod Friends:

Episode 17: The Science of Sex Appeal: How Cis White People Choose Each Other

This week we watched Discovery Channel’s 2009, “The Science of Sex Appeal” documentary and learned all sorts of sexy science things. Genetics and hormones are a bitch, y’all.

Moral to the Story: Science experiments lack diversity and inclusion.

Other Fun Topics Discussed: 

  • It all starts with the face.
  • Golden Ratio is the equation of perfection
  • We all start out symmetrical in the womb, but factors like not eating enough kale or coughing can cause asymmetry.
  • Curves = health and fertility but for some stupid reason humans judge extremes as most attractive.
  • In nature, males are the fancy ones. Human males use objects like cars and grillz to attract women.
  • Men like physical attractiveness. Ladies prefer status.
  • Kissing is important. Men’s saliva contains testosterone.
  • Copulance makes men go stupid. Ladies secrete this mind numbing hormone. It also smells like “butter gone off.”
  • Science is racist. Check out Sasheer Zamata’s look at Afrofuturism on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.
  • Mallory equates humans to dolphins and regales us with an amazing Drunk History segment about a scientific study that drugged dolphins with LSD and jerked them off to teach them to speak English.
  • We want to know what sex appeal looks like in the age of Tinder.


Podcast Shout Outs:

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Episode 14: Nappily Ever After: A Little Bit Disappointing…A Lot

Tamu and Mallory read Trisha R. Thomas’s Nappily Ever After and compare it to the Netflix  adaptation. Let’s just say there were high expectations which were sadly not met. However, both the book and movie are pioneers for moving natural hair into the mainstream; hopefully the next movies and books about natural hair will be even better.

Moral to the Story: We are beautiful regardless of what comes out of our heads.

Other Fun Topics Discussed: 

  • The protagonist is really a selfish human.
  • She cut her hair off and had no new growth as a person.
  • Mallory liked the first chapter of the book.
  • Communication is important in relationships.
  • Don’t get blasted and share feelings because you may end up engaged.
  • Book break up vs. Insecure breakup between Issa & Lawrence.
  • Mallory wondered if the movie was for white people to get an idea of black women & their hair.
  • The movie’s theme is “if a black man approves”
  • Most Ridiculous Movie Quote: “Men want realness”
  • Anything with a dick can still be a dick.
  • Women & beauty standards.
  • Sex in the shower can be a thing on wash day.
  • Miraculously Sanaa’s character can braid, but was unable to do her own hair.
  • Don’t assume because someone is wearing a scarf that they have cancer.
  • Mallory found the sexism in the movie!
  • Tamu talks about the moment when she cut her hair off.
  • Mallory finds the misogyny in the final pool scene between the father and mother!
  • Bad@Love Remakes this Movie: Would have been better to see someone with more power in their hands.
  • Myth Busted: Going natural is not cheap, nor is it quick.
  • The World According to Mallory: Online dating = Love resumes so use grammar and spell check.
  • Tamu compares the movie to bad tequila.


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Flutter: Irresistible Mistakes…!

This week, Tamu and Mallory make unsurprising romantic choices when they play Irresistible Mistakes an online dating simulation game from Voltage, Inc. An otome game, this story-based game is targeted towards women.

Moral to the Story: Read a book, watch a movie, or play The Sims 4 instead.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

The main character wakes up from a night of dirty, sexy times and DOES NOT SHOWER!

The use of …! for everything the main character is thinking.

Not shockingly Tamu ended up with someone who has closed himself off to love.

Unsurprisingly Mallory ended up with someone whose heart is unavailable.

Mallory Recommends: There is a pigeon simulation game called Hatoful Boyfriend that is her FAVORITE.  She says to keep playing, it isn’t how you think.


Artwork by Kerriann Art: https://www.instagram.com/artbykerriann/

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Flutter: Bad@Love’s 1st Annual “Scary” Spooktacular Moments in Dating

Tuck in because these are truly scary and uncomfortable moments shared by fantastically brave individuals.

Moral to the Story: Dating shouldn’t be scary for any of us. Once again, let’s be respectful of our choice to say, “No” and move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

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