Episode 9.2: Bad@Love’s Summer Beach Read: Hollywood Wives – (aka, Horrible, Horrible People)

Tamu & Mallory wrap up summer with Jackie Collins, two bottles of wine, and, wild ideas.

Moral to the Story According to Mallory: Fuck love, overthrow the government!

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Tamu reads the first story she ever typed on a computer when she was 12 or 13, “The Case of the Lonely Hearts”
  • She hates that she used the “f” word and apologizes for her early teen self profusely.
  • Mallory also wrote a novel when she was younger. A 900-page tome about love and Sailor Moon. She never backed up her data, so it is lost to the ages.
  • Netflix Show to Watch: Murder Maps
  • Jackie Collins shines a light on male rape.
  • Buddy is the worst character.
  • Mallory Christmas lights analogy.
  • Jackie Did it First: Sex and the City borrowed “Who is Smith Jarrod?” billboard from Hollywood Wives.
  • Another Netflix Show to Watch: Mindhunter
  • Adrian was the best male character.
  • Podcast Shout Out: Pablo and Dottie from The Meme-ing of it All for keeping Tamu up-to-date on the latest internet memes.


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Episode 9.1: Bad@Love’s Summer Beach Read: Hollywood Wives – (aka, Horrible, Horrible People)

Yes, summer is just about over, but that is about how long it took Mallory to read one of Tamu’s favorite author’s, Jackie Collins’ classic,  Hollywood Wives. Since the book was very long, this will be another two-parter.

Morals to the Story: Go down on one another, and, don’t let anyone into your house.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • There were too many characters for Mallory.
  • Everyone’s life was tragic.
  • Podcast Shout Out: Mouse and Weens living their Hollywood and San Diego lives. Please checkout their hilarious podcast.
  • Hollywood Wives contains loads of pedophilia.
  • Hollywood Wives contains homophobia – 80s style!
  • Mallory had to make a flow chart to track all of the characters.
  • Women deserve respect – even in 1984.
  • Karen’s nipples are erotic.
  • George Michael’s Father Figure is problematic.
  • Hollywood Wives was an ABC mini series featuring many famous stars of the day.
  • Buying babies from brokers.
  • Hollywood Wives contains loads of incest and child abuse.
  • There are always consequences for actions.
  • Mallory’s Theory: Breach babies are murderers.
  • Vaginism: An Education – learn all about vaginal spasms
  • When you have exotic sex, strange things can happen.
  • Tamu’s deep love for Jackie Collins and her writing style.
  • Mallory’s deep hatred for all of the characters in this book.
  • Tamu’s Aha! Moment: Jackie Collins books trained her for Sons of Anarchy which trained her for Game of Thrones.
  • Mallory finds Van Helsing to be complex, yet intriguing.

Apologies: Eating was occurring during the recording of this episode, along with much drinking, so sorry for the chewing and talking with our mouths full –we classy!