Flutter: Breakup Escape

New York Magazine’s, The Cut article, “8 TV Shows to Watch After a Breakup” sparked a lovely conversation about TV shows watched by Tamu and Mallory during the dark times of relationships end.

Moral to the Story: Breakup shows are good for a time, but, when you end up hating them, it means you have moved on.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:



Episode 18: Swiper, No Swiping!

This week we pick up where episode 17 left off and dive into the current dating culture by watching the HBO documentary, “Swiped: Hooking up in the Digital Age.” Let‘s just say, dating is hard out in these streets.

Moral to the Story: Don’t hate the player, change the game.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • The drunken adventures of Mallory and Tamu.
  • Epic side bar: Mallory learns the book she read as a child called, “Little Black Sambo” is indeed racist.
  • Dicktures and Pusstures are for YOUR EYES ONLY, no sharing.
  • New word alert: Tinderoni – dude whores
  • Just because a dick is flaccid, it doesn’t mean it is not riddle with disease. Protect yourself from STDs and STIs.
  • Kids need to be educated in schools about sex.
  • Porn is not reality.
  • Change the culture by teaching men not to rape.
  • No one knows how to talk to one another these days, in the 90s talking on the phone wasn’t considered sociopathy.
  • Be OK with your everyday.
  • Check tagged photos to know what is really going on in a person’s life or what they are hiding.


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Episode 14: Nappily Ever After: A Little Bit Disappointing…A Lot

Tamu and Mallory read Trisha R. Thomas’s Nappily Ever After and compare it to the Netflix  adaptation. Let’s just say there were high expectations which were sadly not met. However, both the book and movie are pioneers for moving natural hair into the mainstream; hopefully the next movies and books about natural hair will be even better.

Moral to the Story: We are beautiful regardless of what comes out of our heads.

Other Fun Topics Discussed: 

  • The protagonist is really a selfish human.
  • She cut her hair off and had no new growth as a person.
  • Mallory liked the first chapter of the book.
  • Communication is important in relationships.
  • Don’t get blasted and share feelings because you may end up engaged.
  • Book break up vs. Insecure breakup between Issa & Lawrence.
  • Mallory wondered if the movie was for white people to get an idea of black women & their hair.
  • The movie’s theme is “if a black man approves”
  • Most Ridiculous Movie Quote: “Men want realness”
  • Anything with a dick can still be a dick.
  • Women & beauty standards.
  • Sex in the shower can be a thing on wash day.
  • Miraculously Sanaa’s character can braid, but was unable to do her own hair.
  • Don’t assume because someone is wearing a scarf that they have cancer.
  • Mallory found the sexism in the movie!
  • Tamu talks about the moment when she cut her hair off.
  • Mallory finds the misogyny in the final pool scene between the father and mother!
  • Bad@Love Remakes this Movie: Would have been better to see someone with more power in their hands.
  • Myth Busted: Going natural is not cheap, nor is it quick.
  • The World According to Mallory: Online dating = Love resumes so use grammar and spell check.
  • Tamu compares the movie to bad tequila.


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Episode 9.1: Bad@Love’s Summer Beach Read: Hollywood Wives – (aka, Horrible, Horrible People)

Yes, summer is just about over, but that is about how long it took Mallory to read one of Tamu’s favorite author’s, Jackie Collins’ classic,  Hollywood Wives. Since the book was very long, this will be another two-parter.

Morals to the Story: Go down on one another, and, don’t let anyone into your house.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • There were too many characters for Mallory.
  • Everyone’s life was tragic.
  • Podcast Shout Out: Mouse and Weens living their Hollywood and San Diego lives. Please checkout their hilarious podcast.
  • Hollywood Wives contains loads of pedophilia.
  • Hollywood Wives contains homophobia – 80s style!
  • Mallory had to make a flow chart to track all of the characters.
  • Women deserve respect – even in 1984.
  • Karen’s nipples are erotic.
  • George Michael’s Father Figure is problematic.
  • Hollywood Wives was an ABC mini series featuring many famous stars of the day.
  • Buying babies from brokers.
  • Hollywood Wives contains loads of incest and child abuse.
  • There are always consequences for actions.
  • Mallory’s Theory: Breach babies are murderers.
  • Vaginism: An Education – learn all about vaginal spasms
  • When you have exotic sex, strange things can happen.
  • Tamu’s deep love for Jackie Collins and her writing style.
  • Mallory’s deep hatred for all of the characters in this book.
  • Tamu’s Aha! Moment: Jackie Collins books trained her for Sons of Anarchy which trained her for Game of Thrones.
  • Mallory finds Van Helsing to be complex, yet intriguing.

Apologies: Eating was occurring during the recording of this episode, along with much drinking, so sorry for the chewing and talking with our mouths full –we classy!