Flutter: We Met on Plenty of Fish…Farmer’s Only…OK, Grinder

The fun continues with our friends Jim & Ben. We ask them how they met and their opinions on love and relationships.

Moral to the Story: You make a choice to be in a relationship everyday.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

Ladies who tried to convert Jim and Ben.

Jim’s first time with a lady almost made him a baby daddy.

Politics Interlude #VOTE

Tamu won’t survive the Handmaid’s Tale

Jim still thinks we are recording a YouTube video.

As you get older, relationships become more about the friendship and sharing good times.

Take lessons from your previous relationships and learn from them.

Advice to the Bad at Love crew: Don’t give up.

More advice to the Bad at Love crew: Don’t take dating too seriously, don’t expect anything and be OK with being single.

Tamu has plenty of LEGITIMATE reasons not to date.

Ben’s Advice to Bad at Love Listeners: Share this podcast with your single male friends so they can fall in love with Mallory & Tamu!



Flutter: Jim & Ben – An Airing of Grievances

It is a Festivus for the rest of us in July! Our beloved superfan Jim (a.k.a Tamu’s gusband) and his boyfriend Ben (a.k.a., Tamu’s gusband-in-law) stop by for a visit. Jim has been a supporter and silent (but not really) show adviser since our Trashy Book Nook days. Since he sends Tamu opinion texts while listening to each episode, it was decided to give him the mic to air his grievances. ENJOY!

Moral to the Story: Love your friends, even if they think Molly Ringwald’s Pretty in Pink  dress was a fashion sensation.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

Mallory’s dad made a good camouflage dress.

The time Prince gave Jim his guitar at a concert.

Molly Ringwald is NOT a fashion designer.

An exploration into all of the reality TV Tamu watches.

Staircase Prep 101: Write a journal with all of your secrets just in case an owl attacks.