Flutter: A Glamorous Barf & Fall

Have you even pulled a Sandra Dee from Grease to attract a boy/girl? We talk about the times we tried to put our freakum dresses to bag dudes and the amazing fails that occurred as a result.

Moral to the Story: It never goes well when you try to change yourself for others.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Check your shoes for cardboard.
  • Tamu’s Hulu Show not in development: The Handslut’s Tale.
  • We did not meet the band members from Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Tour.
  • Mallory’s Terrible Awful Fancy Night Out.
  • Mini Moral: Always eat while you drink.
  • The first time…Mallory shaved her legs: her mom forced her to stay in the shower until she did it.
  • Microblading and henna.
  • Tamu trims and plucks to go to the OB/GYN.
  • Extreme weight loss doesn’t always work…you still gotta fix what is within.

Episode 7: Heartaches and Dusty Diaphragms

In this week’s episode, Mallory and Tamu explore ways to get over a relationship by watching 2001’s  Someone Like You and discussing local Minnesota rapper Dessa’s experiment with neuroscience to pinpoint the parts of her brain where emotions of love were triggered by her former lover with whom she was broken up with (but he was still in her life) for 12 years. She then used neurofeedback to train her brain to work differently.

Moral to the Story: With practice, we can find our very own Hugh Jackman.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Tamu is still butt hurt about not getting listener emails at badatlovepodcast@gmail.com
  • Dessa’s new album Chime and her older songs.
  • Dessa would have had her songs added to Tamu’s Banned@Love playlist.
  • It was cute to see life pre-internet in Someone Like You
  • New Cow Theory
  • Hugh Jackman reaffirms that we should have fun.
  • Protect your holes.
  • Back in the 2000s no one believed in padding.
  • It is easier to run than to be vulnerable.
  • Beyoncé don’t play.
  • Plan to internet date around the world.

Read about Dessa’s brain scan

Listen to Dessa’a new album Chime



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