Episode 32: Justice Flowers with a Side of Ranch

Hannah joins us to talk about her Social Justice Book Club.

Moral to the Story: It is important to keep lines of communication open to strengthen relationships.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

Local Business Shout-Out: Sociable Cider Werks.

Get to Know Us: Weird Food Combos – Hannah loves ranch on everything! Mallory eats Fritos with cottage cheese. Tamu eats most things out of a bowl with a spoon.

#WePodcastLikeThis – baby shark edition

How do you maintain relationships when you have divergent opinions on politics & justice?

One method: Meet for coffee to talk about politics/social identity.

Have ground rules.

Look for connections and points to open up.

Flutter: Maintaining Relationships During Travels

Tamu is off to Europe for two whole months! Tiffany from (A)broad in Education joins Mallory as they talk about the difficulties of maintaining relationships while traveling, after traveling, and how a lot of it can be in your head when you simply realize that life happens.

Moral to the Story: Keeping in touch can be difficult. But when you stay connected, life flourishes.

Flutter: Reading Porn-Bow

This week, Tamu and Mallory tackle the truth behind being a porn star in an article from Huffpost Life called All The Ways Porn Lied to You, According to Actual Porn Stars, and watch Red Table Talk’s episode about relationships with porn.

Moral to the Story: Let’s not stigmatize it, and realize that porn is meant to be a fantasy, which is how people get addicted. You need to communicate to have that bombin’, intimate sex life.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Pretty much everything in porn isn’t average/comfortable/realistic?? WHAT?! (insert DUH)
  • Anal has far too much prep work and nasty results otherwise
  • Gay porn needs more gay people
  • Feminist porn!
  • Mallory reads her porn, and tells a story from a porn documentary she saw while at college, and why it changed her view on porn
  • Three things will always be in business: Alcohol/Drugs, Sex, and Death.

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