Episode 34: 36 Questions to Idris Elba

This week Tamu & Mallory discuss 36 Questions to Love and how their answering these questions over wine in 2015 laid the foundation for their friendship.

Moral to the Story: You can use these questions to develop a foundation regardless of relationship.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Get to Know Us: Have you used scents to try an attract people?
  • Perfumes are bad for you.
  • Tamu loved original Dolce & Gabanna
  • Scent trails – that time on the jetway when someone farted.
  • Chemical smells gives Mallory a migraine.
  • #WePodcastLikeThis
  • The Key to 36 Questions: Be open-minded.
  • 4 minutes of looking into someone’s eyes in silence it too much for Tamu.
  • For our true crime friends: you may be able to detect sociopathy and psychopathy with these questions.
  • These questions can be a good way to gauge someone’s open-mindedness.
  • There is a potential for us to to make compromises even with these questions because we see what we want to see.
  • Tamu wonders if these questions would have worked with Wights 1 and 2 and determines, probably not.
  • Follow your intuition. It is OK to be alone.
  • Make good climatic choices.
  • Try these 36 questions on a speed date.
  • Idris Elba

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