Flutter: Fatal Attraction, the original ending

For Halloween, Mallory & Tamu watched Fatal Attraction and talked about the controversy surrounding film’s ending. Unfortunately, they neglected to Google the original film ending at the time. So today, they watched the original end of the movie and it was startlingly different.

Moral to the Story: No roll in the hay is worth hurting yourself.

Watch the original ending of Fatal Attraction.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Glenn Close meets a fatal end regardless of the ending.
  • Anne Archer should not ever run after Dan.
  • If the ending of the movie was the original edit, perhaps future movie tropes of “crazy women” and the pop culture surrounding it would be different.
  • The original edit really makes you think about mental illness.
  • Now that the times have changed, the movie should be reedited to the original version.
  • Bad at Love’s Alternate Ending: Glenn Close and Anne Archer kill Dan, take his insurance money and flee to Mexico where Glenn has her baby and everyone is happy. Sort of like Big Little Lies.


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