Flutter: Irresistible Mistakes…!

This week, Tamu and Mallory make unsurprising romantic choices when they play Irresistible Mistakes an online dating simulation game from Voltage, Inc. An otome game, this story-based game is targeted towards women.

Moral to the Story: Read a book, watch a movie, or play The Sims 4 instead.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

The main character wakes up from a night of dirty, sexy times and DOES NOT SHOWER!

The use of …! for everything the main character is thinking.

Not shockingly Tamu ended up with someone who has closed himself off to love.

Unsurprisingly Mallory ended up with someone whose heart is unavailable.

Mallory Recommends: There is a pigeon simulation game called Hatoful Boyfriend that is her FAVORITE.  She says to keep playing, it isn’t how you think.


Artwork by Kerriann Art: https://www.instagram.com/artbykerriann/

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