Episode 12: Bad@Love @ The Movies “Crazy Rich Asians”

Well, at the time it was timely, but now, not so much. Tamu & Mallory headed to the theaters to see Crazy Rich Asians. 

Moral to the Story: It will be out on DVD/streaming pretty soon. Buy it, rent it, stream it often so we can get more movies of color out into the world – or at least in America.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • This movie is Black Panther for Asians.
  • These are the most rich people EVER.
  • How do you not tell someone you are dating what they are getting into when it comes to your family?
  • Once you find out, why not Google for more information?
  • Tamu would have broken up with hottie.
  • Tamu questions the NY credibility of Constance Wu’s character. Hit them in the face with the damn fish!
  • Being other impacts all facets of life.
  • Everyone hates Americans.
  • Mallory has a hard time with the notion of being “crazy rich”.
  • Even if you tick off all the boxes, being American is hobbling.
  • If Bad@Love made this movie: Possible titles; Tragic Sad Americans or Stupid Poor Americans.
  • Henry Golding’s character was problematic.
  • Breaking Stereotypes: Hunky Tall Asians
  • The most over-the-top wedding EVER.
  • What is sacrifice?
  • Bad@Love tries to escape America by Dating Abroad: Should they consider adding super rich Asians to the list?
  • Tamu didn’t know her babysitter’s sons were Neo-Nazis (she was a kid!)


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