Flutter: We Are Enough As We Are – Deal With It

The amazing Awkwafina talks about dating, not fitting the “ideal type”, and embracing her true self in Vogue’s online series, “Sad Hot Girls“. This of course resonated with the Bad at Love ladies and they found quite a bit discuss.

Moral to the Story: You know yourself as well as you know yourself.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Tamu found that she had to compromise her sadness while in relationships.
  • Stupidly taking care of people who were capable of taking care of themselves.
  • Tamu had to learn how to figure out life in Minnesota alone because Sven/Bjorn (she can’t remember anymore!) was a jerk about it.
  • Tamu fortunately dodged Minnesota Nice.
  • Podcast Shout Out: Dinner for One check out this truly honest and witty podcast about a woman who moved to Paris for love, and when that didn’t work out, decided to make a live for herself in France. Also, she makes amazing French dishes for herself.
  • Tamu’s dinner for one podcast variation would be assorted Minnesota hot dishes.
  • Canning for one might be a better fit.
  • Mallory’s friends represent MN hard.
  • In Minnesota school lunches were primarily hot dishes.
  • Mallory refuses to compromise who she is, yet she consistently sabotages herself in relationships.
  • The joys of dating whilst brown.
  • Picture Christmas cards are a Midwest thing.
  • Bomb Idea: “Sad” Single Ladies Photo Christmas cards
  • On dates, Mallory tones down her feminism and political leanings, then she cranks it up to 11 if the dude turns out to be an asshole.
  • Mallory’s compromises with her family.
  • Mallory doesn’t suppress her geek chicness.
  • Mallory has changed her outlook on non-nerd/gamers because fresh blood can change the culture.
  • Mallory realizes she may be too rigid when it comes to being herself.
  • If Mallory didn’t have a fur baby, she would have left the country already.
  • Life of single fur baby motherhood.
  • Mallory’s parents are amazing.
  • Tamu not longer wants to be accommodating.
  • If you know Tamu is dating a murderer, tell her!


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