Episode 9.2: Bad@Love’s Summer Beach Read: Hollywood Wives – (aka, Horrible, Horrible People)

Tamu & Mallory wrap up summer with Jackie Collins, two bottles of wine, and, wild ideas.

Moral to the Story According to Mallory: Fuck love, overthrow the government!

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Tamu reads the first story she ever typed on a computer when she was 12 or 13, “The Case of the Lonely Hearts”
  • She hates that she used the “f” word and apologizes for her early teen self profusely.
  • Mallory also wrote a novel when she was younger. A 900-page tome about love and Sailor Moon. She never backed up her data, so it is lost to the ages.
  • Netflix Show to Watch: Murder Maps
  • Jackie Collins shines a light on male rape.
  • Buddy is the worst character.
  • Mallory Christmas lights analogy.
  • Jackie Did it First: Sex and the City borrowed “Who is Smith Jarrod?” billboard from Hollywood Wives.
  • Another Netflix Show to Watch: Mindhunter
  • Adrian was the best male character.
  • Podcast Shout Out: Pablo and Dottie from The Meme-ing of it All for keeping Tamu up-to-date on the latest internet memes.


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