Holiday Bonanza: Bad@Love Goes to the Minnesota State Fair

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer and what better way to send it off than to partake in a time honored Minnesota tradition eating and drinking our way through the “Great Minnesota Get-Together“. For two weeks, ending on Labor Day, Minnesotans head over to The State Fair to eat anything and everything on a stick, people watch, and buy many “As Seen on TV” items.

Moral to the Story: If you ever find yourself in Minnesota at the end of August, definitely hit the MN State Fair…bring TUMS.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Mallory smuggles booze in to the fair…AGAIN!
  • Tamu’s Blue Barn Blueberry Basil Lemonade Tequila cocktail.
  • Taking a ride on the oldest State Fair Ride, Ye Old Mill and experience 4 minutes of darkness.
  • Mallory really hates geese.
  • Going to Bee school; Hive Beetles are squatters, bye-bye drones, the Queen Bee’s ability to choose a bee’s sex based on the needs of the hive, and bees steal from other bees.
  • Mallory learned all about bees from Futurama’s “The Sting” episode.
  • Midwest Dairy’s Princess Kay of the Milky Way butter heads.
  • The Haunted House characters whipping and nae nae-ing.


Artwork by Kerriann Art:

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