No, Blaine. What About Prom?!

Just in time for prom season! Mallory and Tamu revisit their prom(s) in this week’s flutter.

Tamu only had one prom in comparison to Mallory’s multiple proms. Tamu’s prom date was supposed to be her extremely handsome German cousin but he cancelled due to girlfriend issues back home. We look at Tamu’s giant red, preferida (preferred one) photo album from her last year of high school.

We learn the origins Tamu’s first boyfriend, Phil who was at her prom but their paths didn’t cross until a year later.

Mallory’s prom was not “Prom,” but a “Gala” because artists needed a different 4-letter word to describe their dance. Mallory’s dad made both of her dresses; a blue camo, floor-length number for the junior “gala”, and a renaissance dress for the senior “gala”.

Tamu’s senior prom theme was: Save the Best For Last (yes, after Vanessa Williams’ hit ballad)

Mallory’s junior “gala” theme was:  The Game of Life (yes, like the board game)

Mallory’s senior “gala” theme was: Masquerade (because most proms, oops, “galas” have that theme)

They also examine the struggles of not having a boyfriend for prom. For these two, it seems that prom was the beginning of their non-traditional lifestyles. 

Moral to the story: Going to prom solo is okay.

Other Fun Topics Discussed:

  • Lady Bird is Real Women Have Curves for white people.
  • The lack of boyfriends for both Mallory and Tamu throughout high school.
  • The history of stereotypical foods.
  • Pressure of being a teen.
  • A camouflage dress might not get you on the best dressed list.

Apologies: We were REALLY loving pretzels during the recording of this episode. Grab some yourself and crunch along with us!


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